The Products are Important, The System is Important, The Mentoring is the Most Important

This blog has some very good points.

Monica and Kenneth Enterprises

With any business, having quality products is a must. Without that, yes, you could maybe make a few sales, but what you will be lacking is a loyal customer base. Quality products and a variety of products are essential to any business- especially a network marketing business. It is so much easier to gain both IBOs and customers when your products are good AND when they are items that the customer or IBO would be buying elsewhere anyway. Selling products that people need is absolutely essential to having a successful business.

Secondly, the system is important. In many network marketing businesses, the system is that someone is asked to sell a certain type of product or a variety of items, then they will become an IBO and focus on selling. However, there are also some companies that focus more on the business-building aspect rather than the selling. This is where…

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