Some Marketing and Networking Idea’s…..

With all the options for advertising and marketing online and offline it can seem very expensive and overwhelming to start a business or any marketing campaign.


First I would like to tell you about the negative effects of choosing the wrong advertising and marketing sources. You have to pay for them, spend time on them and keep up with it, this is a lot for someone who is especially just starting out and trying to arrange a business, as well for busy business owners that have employee’s, accounting and maintenance. So if you choose the wrong method it could waste valuable time and resources. With all the competition out there it is very important to get your product or service in front of your “target audience” and catch the attention quickly of your specific audience. Next after finding client’s you need to keep them out of your competitions reach, as well get the referrals. Target audience is the consumer in which your business would most interest, who has the three essentials (the means to purchase or pay, a need or high desire for your product/service and an urgency). Of course if your selling top dollar vehicles you will probably not want to advertise in a homeless shelter, if your selling home remodeling services people renting may not be in high demand, and there would be no urgency for a boat if you’re in the desert. This is not exact examples, but it’s an idea. Before you Design your logo and identity for your business or even choose employee’s and a location you will want to know who it is you are targeting. Design services should take into account the psychological human science of attracting targeted audience. This is where it is more complicated connecting owner to business to audience, our sub-conscience minds are attracted to certain colors, shapes and details. There is about 3 seconds to grab the attention of a potential new customer among many competitors, it starts with your logo.


Your logo should be multi-functional to be small for labels, business cards and letterhead or large for banners, shirts and flyer’s. I like to use Coca-cola as an example or any large corporation logo you see, they are simple. So if you are creating your own Logo take into account what your audience will like more so than what you like. Perhaps start a Face Book and ask people for there thought on it before you spend any money on printing even if a Graphic Designer made it, it’s still very important to ask your target audience if it is what they would notice. Once you choose a Logo it is the best idea to stick with it, the next step is branding your business. Branding your business other than just business cards and letterhead is promotional items, choosing a catchy jingle to go with your company, a theme or a very catchy slogan. This will have to have the attitude and visualization your audience will remember and will spark an urgency. Next is the basics location, website, online and offline networking, hiring, training and setting up your store/office or product. Rather it is an online business, home based or a store set up needs to be easy to navigate, yet lead the consumer to your “lost leader” and up sale. What is a “lost leader” for example Walmart may sale milk on a huge discount, but what also is going to be advertised or set up near the milk (YOU GOT IT) anything that requires milk. As well how Walmart is set up, men’s clothing is next to the sports, electronics and tools while woman’s is closer to make up, food and jewelry. Websites and stores that are larger and well marketed generally have a professional set this up to utilize every single consumer. After you set up shop you will need to choose your advertising methods, and every advertising specialist “AKA SALES PEOPLE” will be at your door with a great pitch.


So YES your ready to start, now you just need to get all those customers? Ok before you research different advertising or choose any advertising or marketing campaigns here are some things to look at.

Your “target Audience”, your location, your budget for advertising alone, and the FREE OPTIONS. Advertising online and offline can beautifully mix. Start your social networking by starting your Company Face Book, Twitter, Linked In and Word Press. Next look up on perhaps your local yellow pages all the businesses that sale products or services that are like wise to yours. This would be like if you sold trucks finding lift shops, tire shops, trailer dealerships and other places that are specialized in truck items. After you make a list of businesses that are in common and locate them you can do this many ways you can find them on a social network Face Book is pretty good or Twitter and leave a message, call and set up an apt, or email them. What to say well of course let them know what you do and any sales or promotions going on and offer perhaps an incentive to refer your business, as well offer to refer there’s. Make sure you friend, follow or connect with these businesses on your social networks keep them updated and share there business events on your page. This is a free technique and also will provide events and other social networking that will put your business and you in front of primarily targeted audience. Next in Advertising in what you pay for, field specific events and advertising (ie. RV Trader) should be first on the list, next popular advertising (web banners, news paper ad’s, phone books, coupons, and the list goes on) choose a few two or three get a mid sized ad, choose by a gender, age and geographical specified means of advertising. In a small town you may be able to get the local paper to run a story on your new business, or the local rotary, elks or VFW to put out some special invites if you have meetings or gatherings offer to have it at a local cafe and see if they will also advertise or give a small space for advertising. Now when I say my business is for all budgets this is why, I like to save you money. You will have to have some advertising and marketing funds though I suggest if you have an amount for advertising in your budget only use about 1/2 or less. Why 1/2 or less, because your employee’s and you need to save some for after you track the success you may want to change who you advertise with, upgrade or change your method. Tracking your advertising, budget and networking will consist of online “clicks” how many times your page is clicked online, asking customers how they heard about you and taking a very short survey short as in about 3 main questions. People are busy and I know how much those long surveys can be irritating when you are in a hurry. So get there Name, Number, Email, how they found out about your business and 1-10 how there experience was, leave a comment spot and if they have time they may want to add information, but if not you have the basics. I suggest getting a program that is pop up based so your employee’s must ask these questions to get to the next screen this will keep your information updated also. As well perhaps send out little gifts of coupons, magnets, pens or any reminder of your business to your new customers. There are probably a million ways to market and advertise, but these idea’s should be the more functional, user friendly, cost effective methods to beat the competition. All that is left to do is be sure your staff and you are on the same page as providing EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE is very important.

Please leave a comment I love to hear idea’s, thoughts and even criticism, I firmly believe we can always learn more.


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