Versatile Creations BY: Josie

Bio: Hi, I am the Owner of Versatile Creations. To better explain what my business does it is a Marketing business that provides Graphic Design, Printing, Advertising and of course many online and offline Marketing solutions for all business types and budgets. Some businesses I Market will be online businesses, and others will be my offline accounts. The purpose of this blog is to connect my audience to some new and upcoming businesses, services, products and deals that have not, yet reached the outside final phase, so I can get consumer opinions first. Also some already existing businesses that I have access to good deals just to share with others. My goal is to help businesses succeed, but also to help consumers get there opinion to the right source and hook them up with some good deals or new product to help them too. There is no survey check list just what I blog or post and you can post back in your own words what you think. I do most of the research of my online companies, but if you ever feel mistreated or don't receive something, please let me know I NEVER DEAL WITH BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES, and also want to protect other consumers. However since I do a pretty intense research on price and reliability of all businesses there should not be a problem. I do have a diverse business in the types of offers I will post, so it will be the headline so it is easy for you to navigate. To mention just a few (dining, stores, technology, hobbies, clothing, books, and vehicles). So if it fits your interest please type me a message. AGAIN if ever you have a problem my personal email is versatilecreations.josie@gmail.com THANK YOU I am truly excited to hear your thoughts.

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